The Muscular System Solution

Is a system that was developed to help people age, feel, move, and recover better.  By not only offering a different view on the muscular system, but learning that there is a distinct connection between an increase of muscular contraction and a decrease of  body pain, which can lead to a  pain free life.



We start with a free 60-minute consultation to clarify your problem, to make sure we understand why you are here, and to make sure MAT® can help you. We'll also break down the process of The Muscular System Solution and it correlates to your issues.


Investigation PRocess


This will include a detailed Health History, Girth measurements, standing and supine Assessment, Extensive Range of Motion Assessment, and Strength Assessment (if qualifies)

Our goal is to build you on paper.  We will find the areas where you are lacking Muscle Contraction causing Range of Motion, Output, and Sensation limitations.


Explanation of assessment


During this step we will go in-depth on our philosophy of the muscular system, how this applies to your past history, Specific goals, and explain the current state of your muscular system.  We will show you the results of the assessment, Address Expectations, and Show you how we are going to set up you for body success.


Execute and Progress

We'll use Muscle Activation Techniques®  (MAT) to address your muscular system in ways that are relevant to your goals. This healing process will help you get back to your optimum movement and performance.  Note: Every 6-12 session health profession will receive a progress report.


To Preserve we must exercise.

As your body Starts to feel better you will need to keep progressing the muscular System so it doesn't break down.  This will keep the neuromuscular Communication flowing strong.  The end goal is to transition exercise into your life regiment to keep your muscular system healthy.  we would be honored to maintain your muscular system through regular MAT sessions and Reinforcement training, but we can connect with your personal trainer, pilates instructor, etc to help direct them of your problem areas to keep you feeling great.