The Solution

The Muscular System Solution is a 6 step proven process and is the foundation of Muscular System Solutions.

Connect: We start with a free 60-minute consultation to clarify your problem and to make sure we understand why you are here. We'll also break down the process of The Muscular System Solution.

Investigate: We will go over an extensive bodily assessment. We'll look for clues that point to your specific muscular output problem.

Explain: We will go in-depth on our philosophy of MOSTABILITY™, how this applies to your muscular system, explain the results of the assessment, and how we are going to set up you for body success. 

Execute: We'll use Muscle Activation Techniques  (MAT) to address your muscular system in ways that are relevant to your goals. This healing process will help you get back to your optimum movement and performance.

Progress: We will continuously strengthen the neuromuscular input and output signal between the Nervous System and the Muscular System through neuromuscular reeducation via Muscle Activation Techniques and reinforce through exercise specific strength training. This will help cement the change.  Note: Every 6-12 session health profession will receive a progress report.

Preserve: The end goal is to add a form of exercise into your life regiment to keep your muscular system healthy. But based on your goals, we will help design a maintenance plan for you via regular MAT sessions, workout plan, or connecting with your personal trainer, pilates instructor, etc to help direct them of your problem areas to keep you feeling great.