Our primary goal is to identify the joint systems that are the main cause of the issue. From there we focus on improving the muscular system by "jump-starting" inefficient muscles. This approach will improve joint range of motion by improving the individual muscles that control the individual joint.

Then we build the output through exercise so both sides are able to produce the same output. The body will then be more able to tolerate your life's demands. 

through the clues of range of motion and muscular output discrepancies between left and right side


Muscle activation technique

Muscle Activation Techniques®(MAT) is a unique process to evaluate muscle contraction efficiency. Loss of muscle contraction results in a decreased range of motion and therefore decreases physical performance.

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Road to Recovery

Picture this. You have just graduated from Physical Therapy, or insurance has stop paying for it, for a muscular driven injury of some sort or worse case scenario, a joint replacement. Is everything perfect or do you still some sort of issue? Now what? Do you ignore it?  Do you keep looking for other options?

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Sport Specific

Muscular imbalances can easily be missed from normal day to day activities, but in sports its essential to have equal bilateral strength. The first step in muscular imbalances is the loss of range of motion (ROM) in one's joints between left and right side. The lack of equal output will quickly follow. There are two types of sports: Unilateral dominate sports (one sided) vs. Bilateral dominated sports (Both sides are needed equally). Learn more

Joint Pain

Do you know what the secret to life is?  This isn't a joke. It's simple. It's healthy joints. We all wish we were children again abusing our bodies and feeling perfectly fine the next day, but alas this isn't reality.   As we age our joints break down, its inevitable we can't beat Father Time, but we can try to postpone our bodies breaking down.  If our joints start causing us pain and we choose to stop doing the things that specifically causes the pain we are becoming prisoners of our bodies.  This is a clear cut sign you are experiencing muscular dysfunction and will start the slow process of uneven wearing on your joints leading to joint breakdown.

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