Reinforcement Training

When the pain is gone, the training starts

The Next Step

After you have finished a prescribed set of modalities such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture or physical therapy you are left to figure out the next step on your own. At Muscular System Solutions we want to be that next step.

The Preserve Stage

Once you reach the Preserve Stage it's time for Reinforcement Training. Reinforcement Training will improve the muscular function of your problem areas. As you strengthen those areas you will have the wonderful experience of feeling your body getting stronger. We create specific exercises that focus on the contraction of muscles without forcing your body to do more than it should. These exercises are based on physics, your abilities, and your goals. We’ll build cues to allow you to walk away feeling strong and in control.

Constantly Re-Assessing with MAT™

During a Reinforcement Training session we’ll use Muscle Activation Techniques™ to check your tolerance levels to help avoid injury. These evaluations could happen after a session or an exercise. With smooth transitions between Muscle Activation Techniques™ and strategic exercises you will finally have the process meant for you to continue living your life the way you want. Healthy and Happy!