Building relationships by improving and managing muscular function

Our community

We saw a need in our community. There are plenty of facilities that specialize in pain reduction and athletic performance, but nothing for individuals who want improve their bodies using a systematic approach by addressing individual joint limitations through their own muscular contraction.

Open and Honest

Muscular System Solutions (MSS) is a clinic specializing in the muscular system. Our primary focus is to improve muscle and joint weaknesses. We will improve the integrity of your joints and decrease muscle pain while improving your muscular output. MSS does not provide medical advice.


We strive to educate our clients and the community about the importance of maintaining a healthy muscular system and how to manage the issues themselves. maybe something about how you intend to educate the community here (blogs, speeches, etc)


We are dedicated to build a united front between our clients and our team in the sole direction of our clients goals. By closing the gap between left and right side limitation in exchange we will decrease muscular dysfunction, prevent uneven joint dysfunction, and raise the tolerance of the muscular system, via a unique integration of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and exercise.


We enable individual growth through physical, mental, and spiritual gain.