philosophy of muscular system solutions

The Unguarded Moment is the unconscious vulnerability of a joint system, caused by the nervous system’s initial delay to generate the necessary muscle contraction in response to a expected or unexpected demand or force on the body, resulting in an injury.
— Scott McWilliam

Our philosophy begins with the muscular system as a living tissue. The muscular system grows through strategic or repetitive demand or decreases due to lack of use. It needs to be assessed, improved, and managed over time to maintain its contractile integrity, just like teeth and skin.

Over time the muscular system breaks down due to stress, trauma, and overuse. Compensation is created as a way for the body to combat muscular weakness, this is a great temporary solution until the body decides enough is enough and injury occurs. This is a prime example of the “unguarded moment”.

The Unguarded Moment

One moment you are living your life great then the next moment everything stops and your life is interrupted. You can't do the things you love to do and your physical goals are put on the back burner. Your focus has changed completely to getting your health back to par.

How does MSS prepares your body for the unguarded moment?

We use Muscle Activation Techniques™(MAT). The unique thing about MAT is its ability to locate and address the loss of individual muscle function. That loss of flexibility causes a disruption in the nervous system for the joint mechano receptors ability to sense a force and respond with a muscular contraction. This can lead to a decrease in muscular performance and output and leaves your muscular system powerless to respond to any type of situation. This is how your body is vulnerable to injury without even knowing it.

Let Muscular System Solutions keep your muscular system strong and performing at a high level.

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We strive to

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