Muscular System Solutions (MSS) is a muscular system clinic specializing in Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™).  We are located downtown Chicago in River North and our second location is located in the North shore in Highland Park.

Our goal is to give people their lives back by helping people move, feel, recover, and age better.  It is natural for bodies to breakdown over time, but MSS wants to eliminate muscular dysfunction for anyone who is experiencing residual joint pain, and/or recovering from an injury or surgery. We also work with athletes who are looking for a quicker recovery and/or want to maintain optimal performance.  MSS will improve and manage people’s muscular systems on two fronts- improving joint mobility, while simultaneously improving muscular stability, otherwise known as a term we coined as MOSTABILITY®.   

MOSTABILITY® is created through a 6-step process called The Muscular System Solution®, which integrates thorough a physical and strength assessments to search for muscular dysfunction. With the tools of MAT™ and guided exercise, we hope to eliminate muscular dysfunction that hinders quality of life and performance.

Is The Muscular System Solution for you?

sport performance

  • Are you an athlete dealing with muscular fatigue or repetitive injury?
  • Having trouble staying healthy enough to stay on the field?
  • Concerned about the longevity of your career?
  • Do you want to perform at a higher level?

Joint Pain

  • Are you worried about joints breaking down?
  • Having trouble doing everyday activities?
  • Scared that father time is taking over?
  • Annoyed by consistent muscular tightness?
  • Losing joint mobility and worried about surgery?

On the Road to Recovery

  • Are you done with physical therapy but have no direction?
  • Are you scared about re-injuring yourself?
  • Do you have a joint replacement but fearful to have another one?
  • Have you "finished" rehabilitation, but something still isn't right?
  • Interested in exercising, but nervous about hurting yourself?

Our goal is to give people their lives back by helping people move, feel, recover, and age better.
— Scott McWilliam