Is The Muscular System Solutions your answer?

  • Are you frustrated because of a back issue that hasn't gone away?
  • Do you feel limited in daily activities?
  • Are you annoyed because your problem is chalked up to just being a muscular issue?
  • Are you scared of getting surgery?

The secret to life

Do you know what the secret to life is? It's simple. It's a healthy joint system. When our joints breakdown a result could be pain. This is a clear cut sign you are experiencing muscular dysfunction and will start the slow process of joint deterioration. We all wish we were children again abusing our bodies and feeling perfectly fine the next day, but this isn't reality, our joints break down, it's inevitable.

We can't beat Father Time, but we two options to postpone our joints from getting worse. Option 1: you can stop doing the things that specifically cause pain, but you are sacrificing the things you like to do. Option 2: improve the muscles imbalances which could be the cause of your pain.

hyaline cartilage

What is Hyaline Cartilage? Its is a hard, frictionless that grows and covers the end of our bones. This surface allows the smooth gliding between the two bone surfaces. Other names are meniscus, intervertebral disk, or articular cartilage. Unlike muscles or organs, hyaline cartilage does not have a direct blood supply, so it doesn't have a direct highway to receive nutrients and expel waste.  Hyaline cartilage uses a 2 step process.  This demands the direct participation of muscles to contract or shorten to sustain contact between bones.  This mechanical process is called imbibition (read below for explanation of imbibition). 

Why is Hyaline Cartilage so important?  If the hyaline cartilage between your bones wears away leaving a gapping hole it is gone forever.  Hyaline cartilage does not regenerate.  Doctors will give you the simple explanation of arthritis, osteoarthritis, narrowing of joint space, and in worse case scenarios bone on bone.  This is where the real concern is.  You have 2 choices get surgery to try to repair it or deal with the pain ranging from a sharp pain to dull achy when you move for the rest of your life.

How can Muscular System solutions Help?

One of the Goals Muscular system Solutions is trying to protect the uneven breakdown of hyaline cartilage by locating muscular imbalances.  Muscles are strategically placed around each joint to provide function for each joint.  When the muscles shorten optimally, then joint will be able to provide the motion we so dearly desire.  Muscle imbalances occur when not all muscles are performing at their optimal capability.  this means if there are 10 muscles around a joint, but not all 10 are doing their job.  This is what leads to uneven wear and tear on the hyaline cartilage surfaces.  If we want our joints to be healthy and have even wear between the contact surface of the two bones and not wear out too fast, then we need to keep our muscular system healthy. So, if the muscles are doing their job and able to shorten correctly, then this will provide even wearing on the hyaline cartilage, and at the same time keeping the hyaline cartilage healthy by allowing imbibition to occur.

What is Imbibition?

Imbibition is a cause and effect think of a sponge, as your muscles contract or shorten one bone is pulled on the other one side increases compression on the hyaline cartilage allowing waste to being pushed out at the same time the other side decreases compression or "distracting" allowing nutrients to be absorbed in. Remember the entire joint surface is covered with this cartilage, so if the muscles aren't contracting optimally allowing the full excursion of each joint, there will be a section of the hyaline cartilage that will not be receiving imbibition.  Joint demand motion, but unfortunately the one thing our joints need to stay healthy is the same thing that breaks them down.